The Hidden Treasures of East Timor

If you are looking for the best Indonesian islands to visit, East Timor is the best place. This island has suffered from struggles like genocide, colonialism, guerilla combat, foreign invasion, infighting, and revolution until 2012, where they gained their independence. Portuguese is part of their empire, which controlled theme from 1512 to 1975. When the Portuguese left, the Indonesians take over the country with the United States’ permission and support. When UN peacemakers’ recent political volatility, they have quite down the land moves on, improves better.

1.     Dili (Capital of East Timor)

Dili is one of the most amazing cities that you need to visit East Timor. It is two cities simultaneously, and the other part comprises humble locals who can live with 80 dollars each month. Simultaneously, the other part is composed of NGO and UN staff, luxury places, and expatriates who always create restaurants, expensive grocery stores, and bars. It is fascinating to see the city moving and getting busy.

2.     Atauro Island

After you visit Dili and escape some madness for a few days, you need to see the undiscovered mystery of East Timor. Atauro Island is composed of beautiful beaches, stunning mountains, and good snorkeling. You can also rent rooms and cabins here.

3.     Mount Ramelau

In case you are adventurous and want to hike, Mount Ramelau is the best place and the highest peak for view. You will not get tired quickly because the climb is not, so the slope and the breathtaking scenery will fascinate you. You will see the region is made of broad valleys and small villages.

4.     Jaco Island

To get into Jaco Island, you must cross the whole country. Don’t worry because the trip will be the best one since it is located on the easternmost tip of Timor. If you are there, you will know that every journey you encounter to get there is worth it. It has the exceptional beauty of Southeast Asia beach.

5.     Lospalos

Lospalos is a small town in the eastern part of East Timor. The architecture of the town is peculiar and not like the familiar towns you will see. It is so remarkable to see the people where they also speak Portuguese.

East Timor may be a small and historic country, but it is beautiful. The list is part of the hidden gems that yet need discoveries by many. You need to visit this country now and unfold the treasures undiscovered within!

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