About Us

AmrTimor started with the love of traveling abroad. It is our happiness to share our travel with friends in East Timor. Touring in the place is one of our habits, and writing has been our passion. With the two combined, we created the perfect blog for first timers who will visit the country or know about their history.

The blog evolved from being a personal blog into a multi-purpose blog that shares anything about East Timor, including stories, food, photography, and places to visit. On our website, readers will find the best community that connects to our writers, who always try to dig deep to find the best gems for the country, food guides, and resources about it. We want to be the inspiration for people who crave life, likes to travel, and explore adventures.

Our blog contains information that can offer readers and explorer different tourist destinations in East Timor. We have collected valuable data collected by our authors and writers, such as restaurants, nightlife, accommodation options, and tourist spots. Another great thing about our blog is that you can always interact with our author and other travels to get any unique information about the easy and straightforward trip to East Timor.

We always dedicate the craft of our editors, writers, and traveler to deliver our readers factual details about the country. We need to share beneficial advice and tips on traveling abroad, especially in East Timor. While you don’t know, we always give our editorial team members practical test before we hire them. It is not essential if they have experienced it or not. What is necessary is that they are open to our standards to deliver the best content for readers.

You will find here different travel reviews, hotel reviews, restaurant reviews, and food reviews. You will never be a stranger in this place, even if it is your first time. With pictures to guide you, your experience will surely be a memorable one.

Anything that you want to know about East Timor will be on our blog site. The main goal why we established this is to help many people get acquainted with this unique place. While we are sure it is not a famous one, it is still one of the best places to visit and tick off your bucket list. Just call or website whenever you needed any factual information about the fantastic location, East Timor!

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