East Timor, or Timor Leste, is among the few countries that have not experienced easy things. Until this moment, the country remains shaky, but even with the overshadowed of neighboring countries, it does not suffer or benefit from international media. It continues to determine things on its own and developed its tourism industry as a new republic. East Timor is the first new sovereign state after Indonesia has assaulted it. It indeed has seen better days and improves better. 

East Timor’s rich cultural heritage remains to be hidden by the eyes of the world. Even for thousands of years of culture and civilization, its gems remain untouched, and it is one of the best distinctive places to visit. East Timor is just 400 miles north of Australia and has an inviting peace of mysteries hidden waiting to be found on both sea and land. 

In late 2012, when it was instituted as a nation, its people struggle because it only has a middle-income economy. The country has billion of oil dollars in the bank, but they have not utilized it to rebuild something that will help their country.

For decades of Indonesian military resistance, it slaughtered a third of the population is one of the worst violent things that has almost wiped out the nation. During those times, it was their worst and best. The Timor Leste story, now East Timor, will remain in their history forever and will always be one of the things that shaped the country as it was now. 


Their climate is part tropical, and temperature could be mean sometimes. Some days are wet, and some days are hot, which made the country remarkable. From June to October, hot and dry seasons from November to May are the wet and rainy seasons. In these climates, they do their agriculture and water economy. 


As one nation with people who have a deep sense, then they are always helping each other. During calamities, its real treasure is the people who are ready to help. It is one of the best places that you will find a company from its locals. 

East Timor has millions of smiles, and their hospitability is to be praised for. This nation might be tiny, but they are slowly building their tourism and showing other countries their hidden gems yet to be discovered. If you are looking for the next place to visit, try East Timor, and you will never regret it!

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