Audio records recovery

Recovered tapes

Throughout the two last phases of the East-Timorese Resistance, it became clear the importance of the audiovisual resources to the information disseminate about the Timorese people’s struggle.

Resistance member with radio

In the framework of the collection and systematization of the Resistance Archives, the Mário Soares Foundation has also been processing hundreds of audio records. Most of them are seriously deteriorated – and many inaudible. Their scanning, followed by correction actions, is enabling the recovery of highly significant excerpts of the audio records. From now on, this work must be continued, as we also need to preserve radio records and satellite-telephone messages with important contents.

Also included in this section are recorded testimonies of some participants in the struggle, collected for the radio program "Tuba Rai Metin" and whose copies were donated to the AMTR by USAID.

Listen to the interviews
Sons de Resistência
Listen to messages and Resistance Songs

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