East-Timor Photographs

The set of photographs gathered in the framework of the exhibition to be held in Dili, at the Archives & Museum of East-Timorese Resistance – already including more than 2,500 items – initially included material mainly available in Lisbon.

Later on, a systematic collection of photographs was undertaken in East-Timor, resulting in the selection of many items with high documentary value, although with serious conservation problems. Moreover, these photos – as well the ones donated by TAPOL – were nearly all poorly-developed colour photos.

A double approach was adopted:

  • on one hand, the most relevant ones were photographically reproduced (and subsequently scanned from the negative film thus obtained); and
  • on other hand, the remaining images were directly scanned with high-resolution.

As a consequence, the Archives of East-Timorese Resistance already have an important photographic collection that illustrates highly significant moments of the struggle, although further collections need to be assembled.

It should be noted that the Mário Soares Foundation made systematic registers of its activities in East-Timor, namely by filming many deliveries of documents. These pictures will all be incorporated in the Archives of East-Timorese Resistance.

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Here you can see all the photographs of the East-Timorese Resistance, according to the following classification:

00. Anteriores à invasão

Anteriores à invasão

01. Resistência Armada

Resistência Armada

02. Frente Clandestina

Frente Clandestina

03. Frente Externa

Frente Externa

04. Resistência Juvenil

Resistência Juvenil

05. Igreja


06. Visita do Papa

Visita do Papa

07. Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz

08. Manifestações


09. Administração Indonésia

Administração Indonésia

10. Violações Direitos Humanos

Violações Direitos Humanos

11. Organizações Internacionais

Organizações Internacionais

12. Organizações Solidariedade

Organizações Solidariedade

13. Recortes/Imprensa


14. A Terra

A Terra

15. Nobel da Paz

Nobel da Paz

Album Fontoura
Álbum Álvaro Fontoura

On 7th March 2003, the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Lisbon handed the Embassy of East-Timor, the facsimile of the «Fontoura’s Album», a key document to the study of the colonial Timor, composed by 549 photographs, taken at the end of the 1930’s. At the same occasion, CD-ROM copies reproducing the album were also offered.
The facsimile and the CD-ROM were made by the Mário Soares Foundation Archives & Library.

One example of the more than 2,500 photos, available in the collection of the Archives & Museum of East-Timorese Resistance.

One example of the more than 2,500 photos, available in the collection of the Archives & Museum of East-Timorese Resistance.

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