CD-ROM 'A Resistência Timorense em Documentos'

CD-ROM "The East-Timorese Resistance in Documents"

On occasion of the 2nd Anniversary of the Independance of East-Timor, the Mário Soares Foundation, together with Fado Filmes and magazine Visão, published a double-pack DVD and CD-ROM, including the documentary “East-Timor, The Dream of the Crocodile”, by Diana Andringa, and a collection of key documents, sounds and photographs of the East-Timorese Resistance, including an interview with Xanana Gusmão and several highly relevant stories published by Visão since its foundation, in particular the two special issues of September 1999 and May 2002.

This CD-ROM gathers hundreds of (mostly unpublished) documents, photographs, audio & video recordings, illustrating one thousand aspects of the East-Timorese Resistance. It also includes key texts analysing the character of the Resistance Archives and their importance, written by Professor José Mattoso and Ms. Maria José Albarran de Carvalho, in addition to materials on Self-determination in East-Timor, from the New York Agreements to the Popular Consultation of 30th August 1999, by Ms. Patrícia Galvão Teles.

This edition aims to give the general public and the scholars, new data for understanding different facets of the East-Timorese people’s heroic resistance against occupation and their struggle for freedom and independence.

It should be stressed that both the CD-ROM and the DVD have been shown on many occasions throughout East-Timor, both to mountain villages (often using a plain laptop) and to large audiences – as were the cases of the viewings at the Padre António Vieira Centre, of the Dili University, and in Lospalos – where 800 inhabitants viewed them on two occasions, at the FALINTIL-FDTL premises and at the church yard. During some of these viewings, explanations were provided regarding the work already done and in progress.

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