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The Protocol signed, on 7th October 2002, by the President of the Democratic Republic of East-Timor, Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão, and the President of the Mário Soares Foundation, set out the modalities for a cultural, scientific, educational and archives-based co-operation aiming at preserving, replicating in digital and photo format, classifying and making available the documents concerning the resistance struggle undertaken by the East-Timorese People.

This protocol was signed with a view to avoiding the possible separation, or deterioration of many Resistance papers, aiming to adopt a number of urgent actions for recovering and preserving them. It continued the work already started by the Mário Soares Foundation as from December 2001, both in East-Timor and in Portugal.

Bearing in mind the creation of the Archives of East-Timorese Resistance, in Dili, the said protocol also established the appropriate procedures to define the modalities for incorporating document funds in the said Archives, for using the new information technologies to process the papers and for carrying out training actions - especially in fields of conservation, document classification and computer management.

Finally, this protocol also established that the documents will be gradually made available to public consultation in both countries and they may also be disseminated via remote access, namely on Internet.

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