Chronology :

 25 April 1974

Military coup puts an end to dictatorship in Portugal.


 11 May 1974

UDT (Timorese Democratic Union) created.

 13 May 1974

Governor of East Timor sets up the Committee for the Self-Determination of East Timor.


 20 May 1974

Creation of ASDT (Timorese Social-Democratic Association), which would change its name to FRETILIN (Revolutionary Front of Independent East Timor) on the 11 September.

 27 May 1974

APODETI (People's Democratic Association of Timor) created.

  July 1974

Governor Alves Aldeia leaves Timor, being replaced by Lieutenant-Colonel Níveo Andrade, as Government Delegate.

  July 1974

Mr. Franz Seda, Indonesia's Ambassador to Brussels visits Portugal.

 27 July 1974

Publication of Law 7/74, establishing the modalities of the de-colonization process.

 03 August 1974

Portugal submits to the UN a memorandum reiterating its obligations under Chapter XI of the United Nations Charter.

  September 1974

Australian Prime-Minister meets General Soeharto and publicly expresses his support to the integration of Timor-Leste into Indonesia,

 16 October 1974

An Indonesian delegation led by General Moertopo visits Portugal.

 19 October 1974

Portuguese Minister for Inter-territory Co-ordination visits Timor-Leste.

 14 November 1974

Mr. Lemos Pires takes office as Governor and Comandar-in-Chief of Timor.

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