Timorese Resistance Archive & Museum

Rehabilitation Projects

Three-dimensional view of the building

The financial resources made available, allowed the rehabilitation of the central area of the building (about 500 m2). Nevertheless, all the building rehabilitation was considered, having been settled the preservation of the original architectural exterior style.

The architectural project designed by Architect Ms. Tânia Bettencourt Correia, appropriately addressed the priorities assigned to this central area: the installation of the Archives of East-Timorese Resistance, that would be available in digital format, and the East- Timorese Resistance Museum and its collections of objects, images and sounds representative of the recent past of East-Timor.

After selection of the old court of justice, partially destroyed and burned down during the events of September 1999, to house the new institution, His Excellency the President of the Republic, in co-ordination with the Government of the East Timor Democratic Republic, assured the support of different entities, institutions and companies in order to enable the success of the project.

Marked by the sober lines and majestic traits typical of public buildings of those days, the edifice had a built area of approximately 1,325 m2, plus 1,165m2 of the enveloping area of the gardens. Located at the centre of the capital of East-Timor, close to the Governor’s House and the Parliament, it is sided by the High School and the University.

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