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Since its opening to the public, the Archives & Museum of East-Timorese Resistance counted on sponsorships to guarantee the existence of books, DVD’s and other objects to sell at its premises.

These materials revealed themselves as an elemental and vital asset to AMTR, namely as a means of providing operating funds for the day-to-day management and, more important, as a perfect complement of the East-Timorese Resistance documents available to the public.


  • Mário Soares Foundation
    • Postcards "Resistance Collection"(set of 12 postcards);
    • Set of DVD and CD "East-Timor" – including a DVD with the film "The Dream of the Crocodile", by Diana Andringa and the CD produced by the same foundation, "Documents about the East-Timorese Resistance", that holds a searchable selection of documents;
    • DVD with the film " The Return to the Country of the Crocodile ", by Diana Andringa;
    • DVD with the film included in the AMTR exhibition, "This is our blood, our life", by the same author and produced by the same foundation;
  • Professor José Mattoso
    • Guaranteed the regular supply of his book (both the paperback edition and the hardcover edition) “The Dignity, Konis Santana and the East-Timorese Resistance”, published by the Círculo de Leitores.

After evaluating the cash flow in each month, it was obvious that the AMTR’s financial sustainability could not rely exclusively on ticket money.

This page will gradually make available more detailed information about the materials for sale at the AMTR.

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